Company Sports Network

Welcome to CSN – your Company Sports Network

Company Sports Network is an innovative sports platform
for enterprises to match and motivate their employees!

Sign up with your work e-mail address and create your own CSN account.
As a user in your company sports network you can:

Search and meet other athletes, co-workers and friends

Setup new sports groups or connect to existing groups

Locate interesting events around you

Communicate faster and more efficient

and much more!

Discover now more features of CSN:



Select your sports and find colleagues

Use the radar and choose your favorite sports, search for sports
addicted people around the enterprise, sport mates with the
same level or the same age and meet new people.

Search groups and organize teams

Use the radar or group function to create a recreational group. You play volleyball and your group is still looking for new players? Then make a group and other players can join next time. Or your teamleader wants to cancel a soccer training? With notifications, you have the opportunity to discuss everything with your team and the ability to cancel a meeting.


Organize your meetings better

With a meeting you invite friends and colleagues to a match at a certain place and learn who participates this week and who not. In addition, CSN is automatically synchronized with your mobile calendar – so you won’t miss any appointment and see your free time at a glance.

Locate interesting corporate events

With our event search function, you’ll always find the right sport events around you. You can choose your favorite sports and diarize them. So you won’t miss any interesting sports events. Organizers can post new events and share them with employees.


SONYBenefits for companies:

Healthier employees

Decrease in employees sick days

Happier and more motivated employees

New projects and teams are created faster

A cheaper healthcare agreement